About Us

Hello everyone!
First of all, thank you for visiting our website <3
My name is Kinga, I am a student majoring in computer science. From 2011 I have been fascinated with South Korea. I have visited this country twice so far. I love the local culture, music, movies, cuisine and my Korean boyfriend <3

From 2015, I am fascinated by Japanese and Korean dog breeds. Our first Shiba [ChPL ENJO AKA Czech Jakobin] came to our home in 2016 after one year of correspondence with breeder. After a few months of getting to know the breed, I fell in love with the independence and pride of these dogs.
He was the first dog with whom I joined dog shows!

In 2017, after a very long time of waiting – in my feeling, I picked up my second dream dog. My sweet, stubborn but very wise Shikoku [EJW’18 rEW’19 JChPL ATWinner MultiBOB TOSHIYA-GAIA v.d. Egmato]. Shikoku breed is similar to Shiba, but they want to be more close with their people, just like Toshiya. He is and will be my big baby, always! I truly love dog shows with him <3
At the same time, from South Korean island – Jindo, came to us the first in Poland, Korea Jindo Dog [JChPL TAESAN, breeder: Park Myeong-Jae]. This is a very peculiar and sensitive dog. He loves his family, and he does not like strangers too much ^^” I hope, Jindo breed will become more recognizable in Poland someday 🙂

After two years of conversations with breeders, the first female joined our home in march 2019. The second Shiba in Yuukitohokori Team [YUMI IS SO SWEET DE TEMPLO Amatsu Kami] <3 She is a very sweet, lovely and smart girl, but also really stubborn Shiba.

Our family has been surrounded by animals forever. We had two St. Bernards, Pitbull (for some time), now we live with Yorkshire Terrier, two Shibas, Shikoku, Jindo and a cat. I could not fail to mention other animals such as hamsters, guinea pigs, parrot and lady cat 🙂

From an early age, we were told that animals are part of our family, deserve respect, love and care until the last days. Each animal left a trace in our hearts, each one taught us something and we will never forget about any of them.

When we bought our first purebreed dog in 2015, we did not think about starting a breeding – I think, like most small home kennels. However, with the passage of time such thoughts began to appear. For a relatively long time we gained knowledge and experience in contact with the “show” and “kennel” dog, before the first female came to our home. We believe that in such matters rush is not recommended and every decision must be well thought out – at least in our opinion 🙂

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