♀ Bomi of Noryeong Sanmaek



Registered Name: Bomi of Noryeong Sanmaek
Call Name: Bomi
Date and birth country: 1.11.2019, South Korea
Mother: Banji of Noryeong Sanmaek
Father: Woong-Yi
Colour: red fawn
Height: 50 cm
Genotype: Ayaw E/e, I/i, S/s, L/L (carries white, intense white, does not carry long coat)

Health test results:
GM1: clear
GM2: clear
HD-A (free of hip dysplasia)
ED 0/0 (free of elbow dysplasia)
PL 0/0 (free of patella luxation)
PRA: clear (free of hereditary progressive retinal atrophy)
Results in MyDogDNA: all clear


Polish Junior Champion
Champion of Poland
started Interchampion
Polish TOP DOG Korea Jindo Dog 2020 #1
Polish TOP DOG Korea Jindo Dog 2021 #1

Multi BOB Junior, Multi BOB

A few words from me…
Bomi is a dog of one owner, she is incredibly smart, eager to learn new things, super positive and stubborn. She is brave, but at the same time quite sensitive. Loves to be petted and play with our boys – they are crazy together! She’s the smartest toy thief and killer 🙊 She likes the whole family but is rather wary of strangers.

Dog Show results (2022-06-11):

Junior Class:
4 x Excellent mark
4 x Place 1
3 x Junior Winner
3 x Best Junior
3 x Best Of Breed

Intermediate Class:
4 x Excellent mark
4 x Place 1
4 x Best Bitch
4 x Best of Breed
4 x CAC

Open Class:
8 x Excellent mark
8 x Place 1
7 x Best Bitch
7 x Best of Breed
8 x CAC

From judges: perfect format, harmonious, beautiful head forming a blunt triangle with perfect breed expression, perfectly set ears, perfect skull in shape, beautiful almond eyes with perfectly positioned corners, perfect muzzle, perfect neck, marked withers, perfect topline, perfect front, perfect chest, perfect ribs, perfect bones, perfect positioning, angulation and guidance of the limbs, perfectly balanced, perfect expression and very good harmonious movement, perfectly set tail, perfect coat, very nice, contactable, correct pigment