Jindo, Shiba, Shikoku

Polish TOP DOG 2021

We are very proud of our dogs and their fantastic results of the ranking from last year’s show season 🥰🐾
🧡 Bomi of Noryeong Sanmaek 🧡
🎉Polish TOP DOG Korea Jindo Dog #1
🤍 Taesan 🤍
🎉Polish TOP DOG Korea Jindo Dog #2
🧡 Ashimari No Hanabi Go Yuukitohokori 🧡
🎉Polish TOP DOG Shiba #7
(Hanabi was shown in the minor puppy and puppy class)
🤎 Toshiya-Gaia v.d. Egmato 🤎
🎉Polish TOP DOG Shikoku #1
🎉Polish TOP DOG in FCI Group V #2
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JINDO | Litter “Breakthru” welcomed the world!

This is the most beautiful first day of fall that could happen to us!🍂🍁

On September 22 we welcomed our first Korean Jindo litter to the world, a “Fantastic 4”! At the same time this is the first litter of this breed in Poland~~ 🥰
Bomi gave birth to a white girl and 3 red fawn boys. Mummy and babies are doing great ✨ Daddy, Haru, is super proud of course 🥰

Jindo, Shiba, Shikoku

I International Dog Show | Przemyśl

🐕 I International Dog Show (CACIB) 🐕
Przemyśl, 2021-09-12
🤍 Taesan 🤍 Korean Jindo

Open class: Excellent, Best Adult Dog, Best Of Breed, CAC, CACIB
🦄 And so, Haru finished his Polish championship!! 🦄

🧡 Ashimari No Hanabi Go Yuukitohokori 🧡 Shiba
Puppy class: Very promising, Place 🥇, Best Puppy in Breed
🖤 Yumi Is So Sweet De Templo Amatsu Kami 🖤 Shiba
Open class: Excellent, Place 🥇/2, Best Adult Female, CAC, CACIB
🦄 Yumi started Interchampionship!! 🦄
🤎 Toshiya-Gaia v.d. Egmato 🤎 Shikoku
Champion class: Excellent, Place 🥇, Best Adult Dog, Best of Breed, CAC, CACIB
Judge: Mrs. Katarzyna Szutkiewicz
Final competitions: ❤️‍🔥 Toshiya won Best Of Group under the judgement of Mrs. Izabela Krasowska – Salamon and Best In Show III under the judgement of Mr. Andrzej Szutkiewicz ❤️‍🔥
Jindo, Shiba, Shikoku

VII National Dog Show of Spitz and Primitive Breeds | Wrocław

🐕 VII National Dog Show of Spitz and Primitive Breeds (CAC) 🐕
Wrocław 2021-06-19
🌸Bomi of Noryeong Sanmaek🌸 Jindo
Intermediate class: Excellent, Best Bitch, Best of Breed, CAC
Judge: Ewa Górska
🌸Ashimari No Hanabi Go Yuukitohokori🌸 Shiba
Minor Puppy class: Very promising, I/2, Best Minor Puppy in Breed
🥰I cannot be more proud of my little girl, she did a wonderful job🥰
🌸Toshiya-Gaia v.d. Egmato🌸 Shikoku
Champion class: Excellent, II/2
Final Competitions – Breeders Group, Shikoku place 3 in a squad of:
Toshiya-Gaia v.d. Egmato
Azayaka-Gaia v.d. Egmato
Doron-Naomi v.d. Egmato
Judge: Blanka Borowiec-Szczepańska