♀ Komachi Go Mikasasou

Registered Name: Komachi Go Mikasasou
Call Name: Koma
Date and birth country: 24.08.2021, Shikoku Island, Japan
Mother: Kasumi Go Mikasasou
Father: Mitoyo Go Kyuushuu Satsukisou
Colour: red sesame
Genotype: Ayaw E/E, S/s, I/i (does not carry white, carries pinto and intense white)

Health test results:
GM1: N/N
GM2: N/N
HD-B (fast normal hip joints)
ED 0/0 (free of elbow dysplasia)
PL 1/0 (knee patella almost normal / normal)
Heart: healthy, no visible defects
PRA: clear (free of hereditary progressive retinal atrophy)
Results in MyDogDNA: all clear

A few words from me…
Komachi is a brave and self-confident female who is slowly getting used to our European lifestyle. Mostly she is very funny, likes to play with other dogs and household members, learns quite quickly but also often pretends not to understand 😀 She lives in her comfort zone all the time, but begins to open up over time 😉

Pedigree Database: shikoku-pedigree.com