♀ Komachi Go Mikasasou

Registered Name: Komachi Go Mikasasou
Call Name: Koma
Date and birth country: 24.08.2021, Shikoku Island, Japan
Mother: Kasumi Go Mikasasou
Father: Mitoyo Go Kyuushuu Satsukisou
Colour: red sesame
Genotype: Ayaw E/E, S/s, I/i (does not carry white, carries pinto and intense white)

Health test results:
GM1: N/N
GM2: N/N
PRA: clear (free of hereditary progressive retinal atrophy)
Results in MyDogDNA: all clear

A few words from me…
She is finally with us, the long-awaited Shikoku female. This is our first Japanese import, I have never dreamed of it, and it was possible thanks to the great people from the Egmato Team 🙏 Komachi is a brave and self-confident female who is slowly getting used to our European lifestyle. We are very curious to see what the future will show with this little Japanese girl 🐾

Pedigree Database: shikoku-pedigree.com