Breeding Plan

  • First of all, health!
    We attach great importance to the health of our dogs. They are tested for hereditary diseases; we do x-rays of the hip and elbow, test eyes etc, but above all, we regularly visit the vet to vaccinate and deworm our dogs.
  • The next important point of our plan is the socialization of puppies with the environment: people, animals, leash, the sounds of the city, cars, household appliances like a vacuum cleaner, hair dryer etc.
  • We follow each breed standard to breed properly looking dogs. However, appearance is not everything, planning litters, we check the character of both parents. We want our puppies to be friendly, open, brave and cheerful.
  • Our puppies will be microchipped, vaccinated according to age, they will get a FCI export pedigree (w kraju – metrykę ZKwP), EU passport and a puppy bag with food, snacks, toys, leash etc, also new owners will receive small gifts.
    Szczenięta mogą opuścić hodowlę w wieku 8 tygodni.
    Puppies who go abroad must stay in the kennel for a bit longer because of the vaccinations and documents they need – depending on the country.
  • New owners will be asked to sign a contract with the breeder.


Planned Litters

SHIBA INU: Autumn 2020 – we expect first Shiba litter from our Yumi & Shinya, litter “A”.
Expected colors: black & tan / red / sesame

Waiting list is open~

SHIKOKU KEN: We expect first Shikoku litter in 2021 / 2022 from our x & Toshiya, litter “C”.
Expected colors: sesame

KOREA JINDO DOG: We expect first Jindo litter in 2021 from our Bomi & Haru, litter “B”.
Expected colors: white / red fawn

Are you interested in a puppy from our home?
We would be grateful if you take a minute to fill out our short form 🙂


Jaka płeć przyszłego pieska Cię interesuje? (Gender of a puppy)
piesek / malesuczka / femaleobojętne / whatever

Jakie są Twoje plany względem nowego pieska? (Plans for a puppy)
towarzysz / friendpsie sporty / dog sportswystawy / dog showshodowla / kennel

Jakie umaszczenie Cię interesuje? (Color of a puppy)
czerwone / redsezamowe / sesameczarne podpalane / black & tanbiałe / whitepręgowane / brindleobojętne / whatever

Jak długo możesz czekać na szczeniaczka? (How long can you wait for a puppy?)
do 6 m-cy / up to 6 monthsdo 1 roku / up to a yearpowyżej 1 rok / over a yearobojętne / whatever