Breeding Plan

  • All dogs live with us at home.
  • We attach great importance to the health of our dogs. They are tested for hereditary diseases, we do x-rays of the hip and elbow, but above all, we regularly visit the vet to vaccinate and deworm our monsters.
  • The next important point of our plan is the socialization of puppies with the environment: people, animals, children, the sounds of the city, cars, household appliances like a vacuum cleaner, hair dryer etc.
  • Our puppies will be microchipped, vaccinated according to age, they will get a FCI export pedigree (metrykę ZKwP), EU passport and a puppy bag with food, snacks, toys, leash etc, also new owners will receive small gifts.
  • New owners will be asked to sign a contract with the breeder.


Planned Litters

~~no plans for 2019~~

In October 2020 we expect first Shiba litter from our Yumi & Shinya.
Expected colors: black & tan / red / sesame
Feel free to contact us 🙂

Are you interested in a puppy from our home?
We would be grateful if you take a minute to fill out our short form 🙂


Jaka płeć przyszłego pieska Cię interesuje? (Gender of a puppy)
piesek / malesuczka / femaleobojętne / whatever

Jakie są Twoje plany względem nowego pieska? (Plans for a puppy)
towarzysz / friendpsie sporty / dog sportswystawy / dog showshodowla / kennel

Jakie umaszczenie Cię interesuje? (Color of a puppy)
czerwone / redsezamowe / sesameczarne podpalane / black & tanbiałe / whitepręgowane / brindleobojętne / whatever

Jak długo możesz czekać na szczeniaczka? (How long can you wait for a puppy?)
do 6 m-cy / up to 6 monthsdo 1 roku / up to a yearpowyżej 1 rok / over a yearobojętne / whatever