♂ Toshiya-Gaia v.d. Egmato




Registered Name: Toshiya-Gaia v.d. Egmato
Call Name: Toshiya [駿弥 – something fabulous, progress]
Nickname: Antonio
Date and birth country: 4.08.2017, Hungary
Mother: Gaia by Wolves Mountain (JChFR ChFR)
Father: Miyuki-Hayato v.d. Egmato (BIS MBISS MBJISS WW’17’18’21 EW’17’19 EJW’14 Multi CH Multi GCH)
Colour: sesame (goma)
Height: 54 cm
Genotype: awaw E/E, S/S (does not carry white and pinto)

Health test results:
GM1: clear
GM2: clear
HD-A (free of hip dysplasia)
ED 0/0 (free of elbow dysplasia)
PRA: clear (free of hereditary progressive retinal atrophy)
Results in MyDogDNA: all clear

Titles and awards:

Polish Junior Champion
Champion of Poland
Polish Grand Champion
started Champion of Austria
Champion of Czech Republic
Champion of Slovakia
Champion of Hungary
Hungarian Grand Champion
European Junior Winner 2018
res.European Winner 2019
Austrian Winner 2019
Poland Winner 2019
Club Winner 2019
Club Winner 2021
Polish TOP DOG Shikoku 2018

Polish TOP DOG Shikoku 2019
Hungarian TOP SHIKOKU 2020
Polish TOP DOG Shikoku 2020 #2

BOB Puppy, Multi BOB Junior, Multi BOB
4 x BIS III, 7 x BOG I, 3 x BOG II, 3 x BOG IV, BOG V

A few words from me…
Toshiya is the craziest dog in our pack who does not know what fear or pain is. At home, he behaves like a big puppy, and during exhibitions he is a proud representative of Shikoku breed. Every time I ask him “Toshi, are we going to the dog show?!” he is crazy about joy! He desires love and closeness from his family the most in the world and does not like loneliness. This is a very active dog that does not like to sit in place for more than 30 seconds 😀 Despite its crazy nature, Toshiya is gentle for children, friendly people and dogs.

Dog Show results (2021-10-16):

Puppy Class:
Very promising mark
Place 1
Best Puppy in Breed

Junior Class:
8 x Excellent mark
8 x Place 1
8 x Junior Winner
8 x Best Junior
7 x Best Of Breed

Intermediate Class:
7 x Excellent mark
7 x Place 1
5 x Best Adult Dog
6 x Best Of Breed
7 x CAC

Open Class:
16 x Excellent mark
16 x Place 1
15 x Best Adult Dog
15 x Best Of Breed
16 x CAC
15 x CACIB

Champion Class:
16 x Excellent mark
15 x Place 1
15 x Best Adult Dog
15 x Best Of Breed
15 x CAC

BOG II – Zabrze, 2018-05-20
BOS III – Huta Stara B, 2018-09-2
BOG IV – Sosnowiec, 2019-02-9
BOG V – Praga, 2019-12-1
BOG I & BIS III – Nitra, 2019-12-6
BOG I & BIS III – Nitra, 2019-12-7
BOG IV – Szilvásvárad, 2020-08-21
BOG I – Kecskemét, 2020-09-18
BOG I – Kecskemét, 2020-09-19
BOG I – Kecskemét, 2020-09-20
BOG IV – Zakrzów, 2021-06-12
Breeders Group – 3rd place with Azayaka & Doron v.d. Egmato, 2021-06-19
BOG II – Gorlice, 2021-08-15
BOG II – Łomianki, 2021-08-28
BOG I & BIS III – Przemyśl, 2021-09-12
BOG I – Kraków-Nowa Huta, 2021-10-16

From judges: a promising puppy, beautiful head, typical eye and ears, perfectly built and bound for its age, excellent upper line, beautiful in motion, beautiful male head, wide forehead, perfect pigment, tail properly worn and embedded, perfect temperament, very good psyche, smooth movement, correct ear gauge, very good body structure – suitable for the breed, very friendly, perfect coat, perfect head with a sweet expression, excellent chest, “this dog has everything what standard is asking for, for a judge is also pleasure to judge dog such high quality“, champion in every way

Toshiya is the son of a stunning representative of the breed – multi champion, world champion, multi Best In Show winner – Miyuki-Hayato v.d. Egmato
and the grand son of a beautiful World and European Winner, multi champion, NIPPO Holland Winner ’14 – Hayato-Michi v.d. Egmato
In addition, his veins are filled with the blood of many other beautiful Shikoku representatives.

Pedigree Database: shikoku-pedigree.com