🐾About Us

My name is Kinga and I’m the boss here 😀 From 2011 I have been fascinated with Asia and especially South Korea. I have visited this country twice so far. I really like the local culture, music, movies, cuisine and their national dog breeds of course!
This is how my passion for Asian dog breeds was born.

Our family has been surrounded by animals since I can remember.

Our first dog "Proxima", she was St. Bernard x Tatra Sheepdog mix

We had two St. Bernards, American Pitbull Terrier (for some time), I could not fail to mention other pets such as hamsters, guinea pigs, parrot and lady cat and her son 🙂 Now we live with Yorkshire Terrier, three Jindo, three Shiba and two Shikoku.

We also hosted many friends with their dogs, e.g. puppy Lora – Scottish Shepherd~

Me and Lora, around 2002
Me and Dora (German Shepherd from a police kennel) in 1995

From an early age, we were told that animals are part of our family, deserve respect, love and care until the last days. Each animal left a trace in our hearts, each one taught us something and we will never forget about any of them.

My adventure with dogs is not only about having them. By attending training with dogs, I learned the basics of training, how work with a dog should look like and how important it is to establish good communication with our buddy. I am constantly learning new things by reading specialized books, articles, and recently I have been taking part in lectures on broadly understood breeding issues – some diplomas you can see in the gallery below. In addition, I have always been observing senior breeders and carefully listen to all the tips that are invaluable!

🐾 In 2016 I set up a website about dogs from 5 section of FCI’s group V – Sesame House. I am constantly developing my knowledge about these dogs, they are fascinating breeds!
🐾 In 2018 I became an author of chapters about Korea Jindo Dog and Shikoku in polish book about FCI group V –Szpice i psy w typie pierwotnym. Psy rasowe V grupa FCI“. It was a small contribution to this book, which means a lot to me ❤️
🐾 At the end of 2022, I started a new project, an educational website exclusively about the Jindo breed – Korea Jindo Dog | Polska – full of historical information, breed standard, characteristic, beautiful photos and blog with interesting news.

🐾 Our Mission & Breeding Goals 🐾

Our main mission is to promote the Jindo breed in Poland and, in a sense, in Europe. We want to show what these dogs really are, and they are great companions as well as sport-loving dogs, and to dispel doubts about the myths circulating on the Internet. And there are more myths than true news what is kind of sad.
In breeding we want to strive for a real Korean type of Jindo, we want to breed good quality dogs with good temperament and exterior. Unfortunately, Jindo breeding is not the easiest one, because access to different lines is tough, the breed is not very popular outside of Korea, there are not many kennels, so having a small / beginner breeding requires a lot of patience. Still little interest in the breed does not help either, because for the kennel to develop, appropriate houses for puppies are needed, it is an integral part of breeding. Everything needs its time, including us and our plans.

The Shiba breed does not need to be promoted much as it has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, unfortunately too much popularity is not good for any of the breeds. They are wonderful dogs and wonderful companions – however we want to show people that with such a dog not only you can but also have to work, because we have heard too many times “it’s normal, it’s a Shiba”, no – it’s just an excuse for undesirable behavior. Our goal is to breed dogs of good quality, in accordance with the breed standard and with a balanced temperament.

The Shikoku breed is still a bit rare, but is gaining more and more popularity. It seems to us that together with Toshiya we have been perfectly promoting Shikoku in Poland since 2018 and we are showing how a good-quality representative of the breed should look like. I will not hide that we like this type of Shikoku the most – well-built and proportional, in line with the breed standard, so the goal of our breeding will be this path.

Not everyone will find the same line an interesting line.
Everyone has their own breeding program, their own plan and implements it.

We are people for whom, next to good quality dogs, show achievements are equally important. We breed to promote, protect and develop breeds and strive for the ideal according to the standard of each of them, and the result of our work are the achievements in ‘beauty shows’, which are Dog Shows.


Our first Shiba [Enjo Aka Czech Jakobin] came to our home in 2015 after one year of correspondence with a polish breeder “z Zakątka Izi“, but he was born in Czech Republic 🇨🇿

After a few months of getting to know the breed, I fell in love with the independence and pride of Shiba.
He was the first dog with whom I joined dog shows!

At the end of May 2022 we decided that he will become officially retired from breeding.
Shinya is the best uncle for all puppies in our kennel, when moms rest and recover, Shinya plays with the little monsters


In 2017, after a very long time of waiting – in my feeling, I picked up my second dream dog. My sweet, stubborn and very wise Shikoku [Toshiya-Gaia v.d. Egmato]. He was born in Hungary 🇭🇺 Shikoku breed is similar to Shiba, but they want to be more close with their people, just like Toshiya. 


At the same time, from South Korean island – Jindo 🇰🇷, came to us the first in Poland, purebred Korean Jindo Dog [Taesan]. This is a very peculiar and sensitive dog. He loves his family, and he does not like strangers and dog shows too much.

Besides, he is always smiling and cheerful dog! I hope, Jindo breed will become more recognizable in Poland someday 😊


After two years of conversations with breeders, the first female joined our home in march 2019. The second Shiba in Yuukitohokori Team [Yumi Is So Sweet De Templo Amatsu Kami] 😍 She was born in Spain 🇪🇸 

The year 2022 did not start kindly for us, Yumi received the diagnosis – idiopatic chylothorax.
Chylothorax is a blood vessel disorder that causes lymph to flood the chest, puncture is needed and, most often, an operation that gives a 50% chance of complete recovery. This is a very rare disease that is not considered hereditary in this case.
Therefore, Yumi was retired from breeding because her health is the most important for us!
On May 26th, 4 hours after a successful but a very long operation Yumi crossed the Rainbow Bridge due to serious complications 🌈

I will never forget you my Princess, you were the best dog I could ever imagine. I believe you are in a happy place now, without any problems, so you can do what you loved the most – chase the lights. I miss you so much and I am sure you are with us, I can see you in your daughter’s eyes.
Thank you for every day Yumi! 


The next dream came true in mid-2020. It was a very complicated import due to the pandemic, but our Jindo female is already with us ❤️ Bomi [Bomi of Noryeong Sanmaek] was born in South Korea 🇰🇷 She is surprisingly smart, a little bit sensitive and a very cheerful girl, but at the same time a proud Jindo.


In 2021 we welcomed our first Shiba litter, after our Yumi and a beautiful male Ivan from our friendly kennel “Inari Shrine”. We fell in love with Hanabi [Ashimari No Hanabi Go Yuukitohokori] at first sight, so we decided that she would stay with us. 

She has a very interesting, menacing expression, a beautiful coat with an expressive urajiro, she is eager to learn, very cheerful but also pugnacious 😀


In January 2022 another dream came true and after almost 3 years of waiting she is with us – a Shikoku female Komachi [Komachi Go Mikasasou] who came to us from Japan🇯🇵, and it was possible thanks to the wonderful people from the Egmato team! We are over the moon by having her in our pack and we cannot wait what the future brings with her 🥰


Bucky [BokSil of Yuukitohokori], our “keeper” from litter B, was not with us all the time, he came back to us after 2 months in his new home (due to private reasons of his former owners). It was spontaneous, but we decided that he would stay with us and we will promote Jindo in Poland together 💝

Unlike his parents, he is an open, very brave and joyful dog who wants to explore the world. We are sure that we will have many wonderful moments together!


On September 18th 2022 we welcomed Shiba litter “D” out of Hanabi and our friends’ male Hagrid, where Teodora [Derubiru Go Yuukitohokori] was born. We watched her development, we fall in love with her sweet character, we know and value her pedigree, which is why we made a decision to keep her in our house 💗