🐾About Us

Hello everyone!
My name is Kinga. From 2011 I have been fascinated with Asia and especially South Korea. I have visited this country twice so far. I love the local culture, music, movies, cuisine and my Korean boyfriend 🥰

Our family has been surrounded by animals forever. We had two St. Bernards, American Pitbull Terrier (for some time), now we live with Yorkshire Terrier, two Jindo, three Shiba and a Shikoku. I could not fail to mention other animals such as hamsters, guinea pigs, parrot and lady cat and her son 🙂

From an early age, we were told that animals are part of our family, deserve respect, love and care until the last days. Each animal left a trace in our hearts, each one taught us something and we will never forget about any of them.

Me and Dora in 1995. She was a German Shepherd from police kennel.

My adventure with dogs is not only about having them. By attending training with dogs, I learned the basics of training, how work with a dog should look like and how important it is to establish good communication with our buddy. I am constantly learning new things by reading specialized books, articles, and recently I have been taking part in lectures on broadly understood breeding issues – some diplomas you can see in the gallery below. In addition, I have always been observing senior breeders and carefully listen to all the tips that are invaluable! ✨


In 2016 I set up a website about dogs from 5 section of FCI’s group V – Sesame House. I am constantly developing my knowledge about these dogs, they are fascinating breeds!
In 2018 I became an author of chapters about Korea Jindo Dog and Shikoku in polish book about FCI group V – “Szpice i psy w typie pierwotnym. Psy rasowe V grupa FCI“. It was a small contribution to this book, which means a lot to me ❤️

Our Mission


I am fascinated by Japanese and Korean dog breeds. Our first Shiba [Enjo Aka Czech Jakobin] came to our home in 2015 after one year of correspondence with breeder. He was born in Czech Republic 🇨🇿 After a few months of getting to know the breed, I fell in love with the independence and pride of Shiba.
He was the first dog with whom I joined dog shows!

In 2017, after a very long time of waiting – in my feeling, I picked up my second dream dog. My sweet, stubborn and very wise Shikoku [Toshiya-Gaia v.d. Egmato]. He was born in Hungary 🇭🇺 Shikoku breed is similar to Shiba, but they want to be more close with their people, just like Toshiya. He is and will be my big baby, always! I truly love dog shows with him ❤️

At the same time, from South Korean island – Jindo 🇰🇷, came to us the first in Poland, purebreed Korean Jindo Dog [Taesan]. This is a very peculiar and sensitive dog. He loves his family, and he does not like strangers and dog shows too much. Besides, he is always smiling and cheerful puppy! I hope, Jindo breed will become more recognizable in Poland someday 😊

After two years of conversations with breeders, the first female joined our home in march 2019. The second Shiba in Yuukitohokori Team [Yumi Is So Sweet De Templo Amatsu Kami] 😍 She was born in Spain 🇪🇸 Yumi is a very sweet, lovely, smart and a little bit crazy girl.

The next dream came true in mid-2020. It was a very complicated import due to the pandemic, but our Jindo female is already with us ❤️ Bomi [Bomi of Noryeong Sanmaek] was born in South Korea 🇰🇷 She is surprisingly smart, a little bit sensitive and a very cheerful girl, but at the same time a proud Jindo.

In 2021 we welcomed our first Shiba litter, after our Yumi and a beautiful dog Ivan from our friendly kennel “Inari Shrine”. We fell in love with Hanabi [Ashimari No Hanabi Go Yuukitohokori] at first sight, so we decided that she would stay with us. She has a very interesting, menacing expression, a beautiful coat with an expressive urajiro, she is eager to learn, very cheerful but also pugnacious 😀