Jindo, Puppies

JINDO | Litter “Breakthru” welcomed the world!

This is the most beautiful first day of fall that could happen to us!🍂🍁

On September 22 we welcomed our first Korean Jindo litter to the world, a “Fantastic 4”! At the same time this is the first litter of this breed in Poland~~ 🥰
Bomi gave birth to a white girl and 3 red fawn boys. Mummy and babies are doing great ✨ Daddy, Haru, is super proud of course 🥰

Puppies, Shiba

SHIBA | Ivan’s owners visit at the puppies

We spent a fantastic Sunday with the owners of Ivan – father of our puppies 🤩🥰
Ola sewed them beautiful scarves with the pattern of the Japanese karakusa and took beautiful photos of the puppies 💛💚💙❤️💗 Some of the photos can be found in the gallery~