♀ Komachi Go Mikasasou

Registered Name: Komachi Go Mikasasou
Call Name: Komachi
Date and birth country: 24.08.2021, Shikoku Island, Japan
Mother: Kasumi Go Mikasasou
Father: Mitoyo Go Kyuushuu Satsukisou
Colour: red sesame
Genotype: Ayaw E/E, S/s, I/i (does not carry white, carries intense white)
Pedigree Database: shikoku-pedigree.com


  • HD-B (fast normal hip joints)
  • ED 0/0 (free of elbow dysplasia)
  • PL 1/0 (knee patella almost normal / normal)
  • Heart: healthy, no visible defects
  • PRA: clear (free of hereditary progressive retinal atrophy)

A few words from me…
Komachi is a brave and self-confident female. Mostly she is very funny, likes to play with other dogs and household members, learns quite quickly but also often pretends not to understand 😀 She lives in her comfort zone all the time, but begins to open up over time 😉

From judges: good size, the whole feminine in expression, proportional head, ears well set and worn, well-shaped eyes, correct pigmentation, well-defined withers, rectangular silhouette, medium bone, coat with the correct structure and color, normal angulation of the limbs, correct movement